When we moved into our new house one of the first orders of business was painting the boring beige walls. Our solution? Lots and lots of gray.

First up? The living room. This post will be short and sweet.

Before Painting

Here are the before pictures, which I didn’t manage to take before we placed our furniture or painted (quite a few) paint swatches on the walls. Probably would’ve been more dramatic if I would’ve staged it correctly, but oh well.

After Painting

Here are the after photos. We selected Behr Marquee’s White Metal as the color. (We’re not quite fancy enough for Benjamin Moore yet, but one day.) The paint really only took about one coat though, which was really nice. A side note: the overhead lighting in this house is THE WORST, especially since it’s winter, so the photos aren’t perfect.

We also painted our family room, which had slightly more dramatic results. Those photos coming up later this week.