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Kitchen Update: From Navajo Sand to Basic Brown

Our kitchen paint job is the least dramatic of our recent updates. The previous homeowners chose a color called “Navajo Sand,” which although you can’t really tell from the images below, came off as almost an orange-brown. It had to go.

I really don’t like brown. Especially for wall colors. It’s SO boring, but again, we’re just working with what we’ve given right now. And as you can tell the previous homeowners LOVED THEM SOME BROWN.



As you can tell, our kitchen is a bit “dog-friendly.” We’re going to update it eventually. (No more brown!) It’ll be classier then, too, but for now, this will do. 🙂

We chose Behr’s Gravelstone Marquee paint. Again, although I’m just not a fan of brown, the color (with a slight hint of gray) is a much better fit with the flooring, cabinets and granite and the orange hued walls from before.

Now let’s just fast forward ten years to when the kitchen can be all white with hints of blue. Then again, maybe brown will be back in style by 2030. Maybe?


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  1. Adele Swenson

    Looks GREAT! Love the color you selected. Maybe you should offer interior design services. A little cha-ching on the side. Love your style.

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