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Hiking During Our Staycation: Family-Friendly Trails

For Father’s Day this year, we gave ourselves the gift of outdoor adventure. We bought a hiking backpack, or as Sydney now lovingly calls it the “packpack.” We broke it in over Father’s Day weekend by hiking the Living Room Trail, a right of passage for Salt Lake City residents, a hike that neither of us had done after living here for 3+ decades!

Like everyone else, thanks to COVID-19, our 2020 vacation travel plans were canceled. We were planning to take Sydney to Disney World for the first time earlier this spring. Instead last week we both took time off, took a hike every morning, built a coffee table in the afternoon during naptime (more to come on that soon), and had lots of backyard playtime.

The major takeaway? Sydney loves hiking. Who can blame her? She has two grown men carrying her around, delivering snacks whenever she asks. Basically our modern-day Cleopatra.

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Sydney Adoption Story 1

Sydney’s Adoption Story

Less than two weeks ago, which have felt like a blur and overstuffed with love, our lives changed. We became Dads. Now that Sydney Diana is here, we are so excited to share her adoption story. With Sydney’s addition, we’re now changing our name on our blog and platforms from “Two Guys and a House” to “Dads by Design.” There’s a lot more than just two guys in this house now.

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