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Painting Our Windows Black

As we were prepping for Sydney’s arrival, and putting together her nursery, the first thing we knew that we had to do was get rid of the terrible shutters in her room. Not only were the window casings in bad shape (all the windows on our first floor are like this), but the shutters wouldn’t provide the necessary blackout lighting we’d want in a nursery or a kids room.

All the windows in our house are aluminum and a not-so-flattering shade of brown. If we were going to uncover them by ripping the shutters down, we knew we’d have to paint them (or buy all new windows) to improve the look of the would-be nursery. Painting the metal windows was the best option. Although in full disclosure we had no idea if this would actually work!

Windows Before Paint

Here’s what the windows looked like before (including a photo of Brian taking them down). We failed and didn’t take a picture of the inside casing or windows with the shutters open, so those pictures are of the window in our bedroom, which are the same, but Sydney’s were in much worse condition.

Windows Before Black Paint

Brian Removing Shutters

Inside of Window Casing Before Paint

Window Casing Before Paint

Windows After Paint

The whole process was relatively easy. We first removed the windows from the frame. Since we were planning to redo the entire room and didn’t care about the wall paint, we just used Rustoleum black satin spray paint for the frames and taped off the floors and around the glass. As you can see we also added this new molding after we tore down the shutters.

We love how they turned out, They look like brand new windows for a fraction of the cost. If only the rest of the windows in our house looked like these right now. In the future, when we paint the rest of the house, we’ll likely use a brush instead of spray paint to avoid the large mess it makes.

Painted Black Window Detail Window Detail After Paint 2 Painted Black Window Detail

Aluminum Window Painted Black 1 Aluminum Window Painted Black 2 Aluminum Window Painted Black 3 Aluminum Window Painted Black 4 Aluminum Window Painted Black 5


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  1. Adelyn

    That made a huge difference! I’m going to do the same thing in our 1979 home, thanks for the inspiration!

    • jason

      Good luck! It does make such a huge difference in modernizing the windows. Would love to know how it goes!

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